Separator Compartment Trays
  • Six compartment tray designed specifically for in-cell feeding programs.
  • Serve both hot and cold food from the same tray.
  • Tray with cover separates each compartment to retain food temperature and reduce spills.
  • Locking ridges on top of cover and bottom of tray ensure more secure stacking.
  • Available in Camwear® polycarbonate or pliable, break-resistant co-polymer.

Product Description Dimensions
W x L x D
  10146DCW Camwear® Polycarbonate 10" x 14 3/16" x 1 5/16"  
  10146DCP Co-Polymer 9 7/8" x 14" x 1 3/8"  
  10146DCWC Camwear® Polycarbonate - Fits 10146DCW  
  10146DCPC Co-Polymer - Fits 10146DCP  

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